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Pictures of Animals Enjoying Their Reiki Sessions

I believe that animals are amazing and I am able to connect with them easily!

I have found that animals respond to the energetic healing of Reiki. I have seen many positive results while working with cats, dogs and horses.

Reiki can help:

  • Emotionally - stressed or anxious animals
  • Behavioral problems
  • Heal trauma
  • Heal injuries
  • Relieve pain from injuries or arthritis
  • Recover from surgery
  • Comfort during palliative care

Energy flows through all animals and humans. Energy becomes stagnate where injuries have occurred, Reiki can move the blocked energy which enables quicker healing and pain relief.

Emotional and behavioural problems can be the result of blocked energy centers called chakras. Reiki can realign the energy flow resulting in the horse feeling peaceful, centered and calm.

Fees for Animals

Cowichan Valley 

$50 per mini session 

$90 per session 

Other areas - Please contact me for a quote.

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