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Customer Testimonials

Tricia has been working with my OTTB Scout for 2 years. She instantly picked up on his sweet nature, and his tendency to try to over-please anyone who he works with. Scout is a retired athlete, for the first 5 years of his life he was a very successful racehorse, and because of that, his body is that of an out-to pasture athlete. He suffers from arthritis in his front knees, his spine, and his hocks. Scout has such an important job working to change the lives of special needs children, so he needs to be in top form all week long. The work Tricia has done with Scout, concentrating on his arthritis, had made a huge change for the better. He is able to release the stress and pain his joints can cause him, and the tension he carries emotionally doing such a tremendous job with the children. I can’t thank Tricia enough for what she does for my big man!



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One of the biggest struggles any therapeutic center faces is burn out among the herd. The job the horses do here is both physically and mentally challenging, as the riders are not just physically unbalanced, but oftentimes mentally or emotionally unbalanced as well. Horses are a fabulous partner for this kind of work, and they are so sensitive to human emotions, and are a mirror to reflect our inner selves. Tricia Graf has been generously donating her time to The Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society to help balance and ground our horses, coming once a week on Saturday’s, during a quiet time, to work individually with the horses. The work Tricia does helps ensure that the horses are able to release that stress, and find calmness and serenity, ensuring they enjoy their jobs every week. We are so proud to have the majority of our herd returning for a third year, and that is in large part due to the treatments Tricia delivers. 

Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society

Pearl is a four year old, yellow lab cross, born at the Port Alberni SPCA, as her pregnant mom was abandoned there. We adopted her into our family when she was eight weeks old. Outgoing, energetic, with a gentle mellow nature, Pearl is a very social girl and gets along with everyone. Around the age of three, she began to limp after each walk. And before long she was toe-walking on her left back leg, and often had trouble getting up off the floor. Pearl never complained, but I knew that she was really having trouble putting weight on that leg, so we took her to a naturopathic vet where she was given some chiropractic treatment, homeopathic pain relievers, and told to rest for two weeks. It didn’t help. A while later, a groomer who was clipping Pearl’s nails, told me to crate or corral her for up to six weeks, to help her leg heal. By this time, we had seen a traditional vet, who said it was an injured ACL, and they recommended X-rays and surgery. But I knew that was not the way to go for Pearl. The six weeks of corralling turned into six months. Pearl was not allowed to go outside except for a pee and poo. She was only ever on the leash as we did not want her to re-injure. After six months, we began with short walks, always on the leash, increasing gradually, until finally she could go for half an hour. But then she seemed to hit a plateau. Several weeks went by without any improvement. I wanted to find something that would take her to the next level. That turned out to be Reiki. I had met Tricia Graf and liked her soft spoken manner immediately. When I found out she did Reiki, and specialized in animals, I explained about Pearl, and asked her to come and see us. She visited our home, spent a bit of time getting to know Pearl, and then they went off for an hour in a quiet, private room in our house. Afterwards, Pearl was a bit subdued. As Tricia explained, she might be somewhat sleepy, but when she becomes more awake be sure not to let her start running around right away. I assured her I would keep Pearl close, and it was a good thing I did. We went out for a short walk later, and I was amazed to find that Pearl was acting in a way I hadn’t seen for over a year. She couldn’t wait to kick up her heels and get going. Her energy was so increased and her mood so uplifted, that it was all I could do to keep her restrained. There is no doubt that the Reiki Tricia performed helped Pearl cross over that plateau she was stuck on, and her spirits were lifted and she regained some of that puppy-ness that she had lost due to her ACL injury. We are very grateful to Tricia Graf and her healing hands. -


After having Knee surgery, I was restricted by my movement and in pain going through the healing process. I contacted Tricia to see if Reiki would help, I was not convinced that it would help but at this time was willing to try. Tricia worked on my knee and called me a few hours later to follow up and see how I was doing. Tricia was shocked to find out I felt so much better that I had mowed the law.

Now she tells people after a treatment they will feel better but to rest and “No mowing lawns.” 


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